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Florida 30 Hour
Driver Education Course


30 Hour Driver Education Course

Accepted by insurance companies for Student Driver Education

Teaches defensive driving and collision avoidance techniques

Presents real driving scenarios to help new drivers evaluate risks

Gives new drivers the basic tools to know how to react in common driving situations

Provides essential tips for driving in adverse conditions

Includes Lesson Reviews and Exercises to help reinforce learned laws and maneuvers

  1. Your Responsibility as a Licensed Driver
  2. Motor Vehicle Operation Fundamentals
  3. Basic Maneuvering Tasks - Low Risk Environments
  4. Basic Maneuvering Tasks - Moderate Risk Environments
  5. Limited Access Driving Environments
  6. Immediate Risk Information Processing
  7. Driver Performance - Personal Factors
  8. Operating a Motor Vehicle - Adverse Conditions
  9. Vehicle Systems and Performance

Example of Insurance Discount

Auto Policy premium before adding new teen driver = $1,400 per year

Auto Policy premium after adding new teen driver
WITHOUT Drivers Education Discount = $2,000

Auto Policy premium after adding new teen driver
WITH Drivers Education Discount = $1,800* (average insurance company Drivers Education Discount is 10%)