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Learner's License Permit Exam

Testing Requirements

  • Parent Attestation of Monitoring – Students must have a parent or legal guardian attest to their monitoring by entering their driver license number and typing “I AGREE” in response to terms and conditions presented prior to the online test
  • Students will have the opportunity to take an initial exam and up to two retake exams online
  • Students who are retested by the Department will be ineligible to take any additional exams online
  • Students must provide their full social security number during exam registration or, if no social security number has been issued, they may enter an Alien ID number, Admissions number or Florida ID card number
  • The road rules test is administered first with the road signs test provided only if a student passes the road rules test
  • Scoring of examinations is performed by the department on a real-time basis
  • No remediation for incorrect answers will be provided to students
  • Notices – Students receive the following state-mandated notices prior to presentation of an online driver license knowledge exam
  • All students are subject to random selection for retesting at the Driver License or Tax Collector office prior to the issuance of any license. Failure to pass the random retest will require the student to pass the knowledge test in a Driver License or Tax Collector office prior to license issuance.
  • Any student or parent or guardian giving false statements regarding the student’s testing efforts is committing fraud and subject to license cancellation for a period of one year in accordance with section 322.22 and 322.27(1)(d) F.S.
  • Prior to the issuance of any exam, the parent or guardian is required to electronically certify that the student will be monitored and not assisted during the online exam.
  • Prior to the issuance of a learner’s license, the parent or guardian is required to certify to the Department that the student was monitored during the online examination and that the parent or guardian was aware of and allowed the student to take the examination online.
  • The parent or guardian is required to provide a valid driver license number at the beginning of the online examination.
  • As a testing student you are required to answer personal security questions before and during the online examination.